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Why choose us?
☞ Our resource
All translators of our team are native speakers with a minimum experience of 5 years. In order to assure that our translations are of the highest quality, our translators must pass rigorous field-specific language tests, and at least college educated, many holding advanced degrees in their specialties (law, finance, chemistry, engineering, Medicine, etc.).
☞ How we work

For a new project, we always assign it to an experienced, native-speaking translator who have extensive knowledge of the subject matter and terminology of your text. We focus on translating not only the words of the text but considering cultural background and cultural differences, so that the result best meets the purpose intended by the customer.

During the translation process, should we have anything the meaning of which is not 100% clear, or we recommend changes in the document, our customer will always be consulted first to ensure its accuracy. Should you miss a discrepancies in the original text (For example, the names are not spelled consistently throughout the whole book), we discover it as we progress with the translation, we will point it out to you. This means that you get a certain check of factual correctness of your original document together with your translation.

After translation, all draft documents will be proofed and edited for theological and linguistic accuracy. It's a 3-step quality assurance process: First, a translator submits a draft translation. Then, another translator can check the translation against the original for fidelity, sentence structure, grammatical, formatting, typographical issues, and anything else pertinent. After the initial proofreading, the translation is returned to the translator, who then looks through the text and implements any corrections, and then delivers to us again. The final stage of review is done by one of our Editors. These are individuals who have proven translation skill and solid working knowledge of the theological concepts dealt with in our content. The editor's main job is to make sure that the ideas of the translation match the original, and that the translation is easily readable.

Finally, you may require DTP services if the format of the original text is full of images, different fonts and nice layout or the source version was created in InDesign or Quark. At Regius, we can offer you a complete service packet for a flawless product (Translation + DTP).


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